hi! um… i’m doing feferi cosplay for the first time and i was wondering if you had a tutorial for her skirt?

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Tutorials for the skirt: 

Note: If following M-lahulia’s tutorial above, clip the insides of the curved edges (present on both the blue and green halves of the skirt) after sewing them and before turning the skirt half right-side out and ironing it. Ironing a seam helps remove wrinkles, but clipping a curved edge will let the fabric ease into the curve. 

What a clipped curved hem looks like: 

Image from Grainline Studio 



Ok so this is a tutorial to make the dragon-head of Terezi’s dragon cane using cardboard and papermache. You could probably also use like Friendly Plastic or something to cover the surface and make it a bit smoother, but I think it came out ok the way it is.

Dimensions are about 4cm at narrowest, 13cm at widest, and about 28cm in length.



Note: use what you’ve got first: all of this stuff can be substituted for other materials, take with a grain of salt

for the cane: just get a stick of some sort. I painted a bamboo cane red and white, and painted the black joints over the lumpy nodes of the cane. This is all you really need to know, I’m not making a tutorial for the staff.

for the dragon’s head:

  • approx 3 letter-size sheets worth of cardboard
  • Download this pdf file for template (alt)—it’s made for letter-size paper, but it should work for A4? I think I made the designs thin enough on the page, I dunno
  • Scissors; exacto knives are BRILLIANT, but you could probs manage without
  • a few sheets of paper; newspaper is your standard paper mache material, but I used a sort of heavy duty plain paper sitting in my basement.
  • Flour (half a cup or less, not much)
  • A biggish bowl so that stuff doesn’t drip everywhere
  • scotch tape or some other light tape that won’t rip apart the cardboard you’re using when you take it off again
  • red and white acrylic paint (you can also use cheaper water-based paints or whatever, but it won’t protect the cardboard as much. This is fine if you don’t mind it not lasting forever)
  • optional: pva glue, white craft glue, whatever you call that stuff
  • optional: a spray-on protective coating; I used an “acrylic sealer” that dried on matte. Not sure if it was really necessary, but I figured I may as well.

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(1/2) Howdy. I wanted to dress as Bro for AWA and I was wondering if you could recommend a good shirt. I find tons of tutorials and tips on the glasses (thank god) but I can’t find any hints as to a good, white, logo-less polo shirt. Any tips would be great. I appreciate the work you do to help people out. Thanks for your time, either way. 

(2/2) Actually, I’d like to add to my previous question: where can I even get a proper Bro hat? Any suggestions there too? Please and thank you.

asked by mirthfulmisanthrope 

Polo shirts: 
From Thedealrack 
From Lovelybabyus 
From U-shop818

From We Got It All 


Graftobian makeup

For people with bad skin, I reccomend Graftobian makeup. They have a really awesome troll grey along with basically every color ever. The theater creme foundations are heaven-sent and they creme liners come in every color and are super easy to put on. They don’t smear once they’re powdered out and the color stays on forever because it’s designed for use on stage. I have a full review of the colors I had at the time (I have sicne gotten Ghost Grey, Green, and Red foundations)


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Hey! just wanted to suggest some pretty good and pretty cheap lipsticks by Portland Black Lipstick Co. its all natural and the colors are great, especially the black! They even have a darkish grey you could use instead of paint on the lips for boy trolls.

submitted by Victoria

Portland Black is a great brand of lipstick commonly used by cosplayers (Homestuck and beyond!). The colours apply smooth and thick, and have decent staying power. Leijons, Maryams, Pyropes, and Serkets should check out their blues and greens! 


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for dyeing wigs black, is it advisable to go for the copic marker ink method?

asked by insidious-plum 

Not advisable if you have readily-available Sharpies or wig-specific dyes, since Copic markers are expensive and -depending on the how many filaments need to be coloured- you would go through many markers. 

Masterpost of wig dyeing tutorials and discussion over their merits 
Sharpie dyeing tutorial 
Copic marker dyeing walkthrough 



Anonymous asked: Lately I have been having an issue with Snazzaroo light grey. No matter how hard I try, it keeps going on blue. Any suggestions?

This is a common problem with Snazzaroo, especially if you’re cosplaying lower-hemospectrum trolls! You can mix the grey paint with a small dab of yellow or orange paint to neutralise the blue undertone. 


I just found a Horror Make-up store that has TONS of options for cosplayers

Morbid Mask Studios (Based in UK, but International Shipping is cheaper than other UK stores)

Cherub Stuff


This one covers your ears.
This and this don’t, but are cheaper.

Facial options

Latex reptile nose
Latex Snake Face (green)
Latex Snake Face (not green)
Latex Snake Mask
Skull Helmet (I don’t know if these are worn over the face, plus they’re expensive as all hell, so I don’t recommend)

Prosthetic Latex Forked Tongues

Not Black


More Teeth (not much)
Face/Body Paint (choose your type/color)

Troll Stuff

Sea Dweller Fins

Siren Ear Tips <—This looks good!
Or you can modify These Fairy Ears


Pointy Ears

(Prosthetic Attachments need to be applied with Spirit Mastic)

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For Meulin Cosplayers

I’ve just recently been searching online for good bits and pieces for my Meulin cosplay [I plan on doing a Trickster!Meulin based off of kreepykurloz’s design], and stumbled across some things that may interest others as well.

For her shoes I found these lovely cat themed wedges, and they are only $14 (US) without shipping. For the socks, I’ve been looking at these, I’m not sure if they are knee high or thigh highs yet though. But you can get paw prints on the bottom of them in any color, which means you can get them in her blood color. I found a couple white wigs that would work for the trickster design, if anyone is interested as well.

I hope to post progress of that cosplay once I get everything together. I’ll try to post it to one of the homestuck cosplay help blogs out there!

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Roxy’s Dress - Tutorial!



Roxy’s Purple Dress ~ A TUTORIAL

Hello everyone~  Now, I’ve seen a lot of people around wondering how to go about making Roxy’s purple “update dress”…  

So I thought I’d share my method!  (Under a cut, as this post is quite long!)

Let’s get started!

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Hey guys :3
If anyone is looking for lipstick for cosplay or anything you should try Kaoir!
It comes in so many different colors and its so vibrant and long lasting. They have the perfect Vriska and Kanaya color&#160;!
Also they DON’T test on animals~!


Hey guys :3

If anyone is looking for lipstick for cosplay or anything you should try Kaoir!

It comes in so many different colors and its so vibrant and long lasting. They have the perfect Vriska and Kanaya color !

Also they DON’T test on animals~!


canyouhearthetimelordssing asked: Could you do an Aranea masterpost? It's my forst time going to a big con, and I want to do thigns right.

Here you go!

I just spent the better part of the day creating a masterpost for all characters (minus the ancestors and exiles which I’ve yet to do)

Please consult this from now on before asking a question to check to see if it’s been asked before.



thepageofawkward asked: I recently got the Rufio from Arda wigs for Tavros, it's really nice too.

Thanks for the tip, here’s the link for anyone interested 

They have it with the red mohawk for any Rufioh cosplayers



Anonymous asked: which gray face paint is best for cosplayers who had or is having a breakout? ben nye or snazzaro ?

I would suggest using Snazaroo as Ben Nye is oil based and it more likely to clog up your pores and make any breakouts worse whereas Snaz is water-based. Just be sure to thoroughly wash it all off at the end of the day.